Paw balm 50 ml.

165.00 kr

Paw balm 50 ml.

165.00 kr

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A universal ointment for animals that is water-free, absorbs quickly, and has a pleasant smell. The balm has a softening and healing effect on the paws, and is effective against hypersensitivity. The ointment is a disinfectant and can be used directly on scratches and small wounds.

If the animal has muscular pain, apply the ointment directly onto the problem area. The ointment contains ostrich oil and essential oil from juniper, both of which have pain relieving properties. You do not need to apply a bandage, because the ointment is absorbed quickly.


Melt a small amount with your fingers and apply the ointment locally. Keep in mind that it’s not the amount that makes the product effective, but its contents. It is better to repeat the procedure often with a small amount of ointment if the animal has problems with, for example, a cut in its paw.

Ingredients: Ostrich oil, organic sunflower oil, lanolin, beeswax, essential oils from juniper, caraway, and palmarosa. Vitamin A and E.


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